Veristand: Unable to Initialize the NI Veristand Model Framework

Updated Apr 21, 2023

Reported In


  • VeriStand
  • VeriStand Model Framework



Issue Details

I am trying to compile a Simulink model, whenever I attempt to compile it I receive the following message on the console:
Warning: A problem occurred initializing or executing an NI VeriStand component. Error detected was: Error using NIVeriStandAddPaths (line 84)VeriStand: Unable to initialize the NI VeriStand Model Framework. This release of Simulink(R) is incompatible with NI VeriStand. For more information, visit and enter the Info Code ex8sn9.


This issue can be caused by 2 different situations:
  • This warning means that you are either missing the VeriStand Model Framework or this software component is corrupted. You can install this software by following this guide: How Do I Install the NI VeriStand Model Framework?.
  • Simulink is missing the Simulink Coder. You can check the installation of Simulink Coder with the following command: ver('simulinkcoder')