Multi Channel Support for Keysight AG3352X Drivers

Updated Nov 7, 2019

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  • Keysight AG3352X Driver

Issue Details

I have a multi-channel keysight device, but the drivers only have single channel VIs. How do I implement multi channel calls for my instrument?


The Keysight driver VIs can be split into two categories: Resource dependent VIs, and Channel dependent VIs.

Resource dependent VIs (like ag3352 only have the resource name as a device specifier. This means that when you call this VI, it will affect the entire device. These VIs are usually only called once per task

Channel dependent VIs (like the ag3352 configure standard will have an input to specify the channel. These VIs can be called multiple times to implement multiple functions for difference channels.

The example below is a modified version of Generate Std that supports 2 channels.