Error -200077 Out of DAQmx Digital Write: Boolean 1 Line 1 Point

Updated Oct 31, 2019

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  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I'm getting Error -200077 out of my DAQmx Digital Write task when trying to write 1 sample 1 point out my digital DAQ line.

Figure 1: Example Error Message


If the property's requested value is outside the range of the Maximum and Minimum values for that property than correct the requested value.

Commonly, though, the conflicting property here is the Samples Per Channel property coming out of the DAQmx Timing VI. If you've configured one sample, logically, it might be requesting 2 samples as a minimum value, which shouldn't make sense when writing 1 sample.

Figure 2: Example program to write 1 point on 1 line
The reason for this is because a sample clock only makes sense when writing more than 1 sample, as you normally want them written in evenly spaced increments. The rate of the DAQmx Timing VI: Sample Clock is a required input, and thus a rate of one data point doesn't make sense. Therefore, removing and rewiring the sample clock will yield the same expected result, and won't error out.

Figure 3: Expected result, correct coding