DIAdem DAC Cannot Find Free Measurement Kernel List Entry

Updated Oct 23, 2019

Reported In


  • DIAdem DAC Kit
  • DIAdem DAC Bundle

Issue Details

I built a block diagram with lots of function blocks used in there in DIAdem DAC. When I now want to execute my block diagram and run my acquisition, DIAdem shows me an error message that states:

Cannot find free measurement kernel list entry for Fuzzi-processing.
Please increase the number of processing mathematics signals in the DIAdem DAC
device configuration (measurement kernel parameters).

What do I have to do to get my acquisition running properly and overcome this error?


This error occurs if the number of used function blocks exceed the default measurement settings of the DIAdem DAC module. You can change the maximum number of allowed function blocks via the DIAdem DAC device configuration, which can be done as following:
  1. Open DIAdem
  2. Go to the DIAdem DAC module
  3. Click on Settings in the menu bar and choose DIAdem-Settings
  4. Choose now DAC/VISUAL on the sub-menu Modules on the left side of the opened window
  5. Click on the button Measurement Kernel
  6. In the opened window you choose in which function block category you want to change the settings
  7. Change the number of allowed function blocks by typing in a number or by increasing/decreasing the number via the arrow-buttons

Additional Information

The allowed limits of each category of the measurement kernel can be found in the DIAdem Help in the section Measurement Kernel.