How Can I Customize the FPGA of NI Second-Generation Vector Signal Transceivers?

Updated Oct 24, 2019

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  • PXIe-5840

Issue Details

I am an experienced user of NI VST (First Generation), i.e., NI PXIe-564xR. FPGA of these vector signal transceiver can be programmed by adding the target in the project and using Instrument Design Libraries (IDL). However, for second generation VST, e.g., NI PXIe-5840, I am unable to add the target to the project or find IDL. How can I customize the FPGA of second-generation vector signal transceiver?


Vector Signal Transceiver Instrument Design Libraries (IDL) are not available for NI PXIe-5840. Advanced users can request Instrument Driver FPGA Extensions for low level FPGA programming using this web request form .

If the request is accepted, user will be provided with detailed document explaining the hardware setup, software setup, required driver files, procedure and caveats to allow FPGA customizations. The instrument driver FPGA source code is the starting point for creating your own instrument driver FPGA extensions.

Additional Information

Customizing the FPGA using Instrument Driver FPGA Extensions requires advanced level knowledge of NI FPGA and High Throughput FPGA. Directions to add custom code along with the instrument driver code is explained in the document provided.