Edit MyNI User Account

Updated Nov 2, 2021

You can make changes to your MyNI account from the MyNI dashboard. You are able to update details like:
  • Login Information
  • Account holder information
  • Company Information
  • Communication Preferences
Note:  If you wish to delete your NI User Account and related data, you can do that by filling out this form and selecting Data Deletion.

Follow the steps below to edit your MyNI information.


  1. Navigate to ni.com and Log in to your user account
  1. Once logged in, select My Account from dropdown menu to be taken to your MyNI dashboard.
  2. From the MyNI Dashboard, select Edit Profile to update any personal, company, or login information. Select Save Changes when complete.
  3. From the MyNI Dashboard, select Email Preferences to initiate the process to manage your subscriptions.