How Can I Load Customized Bitfile on Reconfigurable NI RF Devices (VSA/VST) using NI RFSA Driver?

Updated May 4, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-5668
  • PXIe-5645
  • PXIe-5644
  • PXIe-5624
  • PXIe-5646
  • PXIe-5840



Issue Details

I am currently using NI PXIe-5668R vector signal analyser. I have a customized bitfile and compiled for NI PXIe 5624R digitizer FPGA. How can I load this file to the target programmatically while using NI RFSA Drivers?


Custom bitfiles can be loaded using NI RFSA function “Initialize with Options” by defining “DriverSetup” property for “option string” control. Following syntax must be followed for “option string”:
 DriverSetup=Bitfile:<Bitfile Name>.lvbitx

The driver bitfile must be present in following folder:
<User>\Public\Documents\National Instruments\FPGA Extensions Bitfiles\<Target Name>
For NI PXIe 5668R, target name = NI PXIe-5624R


Additional Information

Only NI PXIe-5644R/5645R/5646R, NI PXIe-5668R, and NI PXIe-5840 devices support loading custom bitfiles on to the onboard FPGA.