Wire Mapping for SHC68-2MDR26-RDIO2 Pinout

Updated Apr 21, 2023

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  • SHC68-2MDR26-RDIO2 Cable

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How do the VHDCI connector pins map to the MDR connector pins on my SHC68-2MDR26-RDIO2 cable?


The table below shows the pin number, signal, and wire color (interior to cable) for the SHC68-2MDR26-RDIO2 cable. The P1 (VHDCI) pin maps to the pin on the VHDCI connector, whereas the P2 and P3 connector maps to the DIO (0-15) and DIO (16-31) MDR connectors respectively.

Figure 1 - DIO Pins (0-15)

Figure 2 - DIO Pins (16-31)