Does My PXI Module Have Signal Conditioning?

Updated Jan 3, 2020

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  • PXI-6225

Issue Details

I have purchased an NI PXI Module. Is signal conditioning integrated in this module? Or should I develop custom external circuitry to condition my input signal before routing it to the PXI module?


Most, if not all PXI modules have integrated signal conditioning appropriate for the type of signal they measure. 

The different specifications of the PXI module from the datasheet are inclusive of the in-built signal conditioning. 

Only if conditioning further to what the module can provide is required, external circuitry is to be used.

Additional Information

This question is typically posed by users of the SCXI platform. Unlike a pure PXI setup, an SCXI platform has multiple modules that perform only signal conditioning. These signal are then routed to a PXI module for digitization of the conditioned signals.

However, PXI modules typically have integrated signal conditioning depending on the type of signal they measure.