Managing Users and Permissions in VeriStand 2019

Updated Oct 17, 2019

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  • VeriStand 2019

Issue Details

VeriStand 2019 has a different look and feel to VeriStand 2018. How do I setup and configure User Management in VeriStand 2019?
There does not appear to be an option to do this.


User Management can still be implemented in VeriStand 2019. 
To setup User Management you will need to access the interface from previous versions of VeriStand by launching the VeriStand Project Explorer from the x86\NI\VeriStand 2019 directory. For example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\VeriStand 2019
From this directory, launch VeriStand Project Explorer.

User Management can now be implemented in the same way as VeriStand 2018 and previous.

Once the desired Groups and User Accounts have been setup you can save and close VeriStand. 

Now, open the VeriStand Project like normal and the user management you have just added, will have been applied. Therefore, you will be asked to login.