I Can't Set My Overcurrent/Overvoltage Protection Value Programatically on the RMX-412x. I See Error -107400000

Updated Jul 31, 2023

Reported In


  • RMX-4121
  • RMX-4120
  • RMX-4122
  • RMX-4123
  • RMX-4124
  • RMX-4125
  • RMX-4126
  • RMX-4127


  • RMX-412x Power Supply Driver

Issue Details

  • When setting the OCP (Overcurrent Protection) value programatically, this error message displays in LabVIEW.
NI RMX-412x Power Supplies.lvlib:Error Query VI<ERR>
Instrument reports: 
-222, "Data out of range;CURRENT:PROTECTION 2.000000"
+0."No error"
  • I am unable to set the OCP below 3 Amps on the RMX-4121 power supply.


Ensure the overcurrent (OCP) and overvoltage (OVP) protection limits are within the permitted range for the power setting in use.
Below is the table of permitted overprotection values taken from RMX Programmable Power-Supplies User Manual.

For further detail and information on this, review the user manual 2-15 (page 46 of pdf).
Valid OCP and OVP ranges

Additional Information

The OCP and OVP functions of the RMX Power Supplies have limits in place to allow correct operation of the hardware.