VeriStand Action Button Does Not Allow Selection of Real-Time Sequences

Updated Oct 16, 2019

Reported In


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I am using VeriStand and configuring the UI Manager. I have added a Action button (text or image) and there is an option to select the Action Type. I can choose from EXE, BAT or Real-Time Sequence.

When I select Real-Time Sequence and browse to a directory that contains Real-Time Sequences, they do not appear.

How do I call a Real-Time Sequence from an Action Button?


You can use Text or Image Action Buttons to call Real-Time Sequences.

When browsing for a Real-Time Sequence, you need to change the types of files you are browsing for to All Files (*.*). The setting you need to change is shown below:

You will now be able to select a Real-Time Sequence file that is run every time the button is clicked. 

Additional Information

For running Real-Time Sequences from the UI Manager, it is recommended you use the Real-Time Sequence Control, not the Text or Image Action Buttons.
The Real-Time Sequence Control allows you to play, pause and stop a Real-Time Sequence, while also showing you the current status, time running and result of the Real-Time Sequence.