How to Setup Reflective Memory Channels in VeriStand

Updated Nov 21, 2022



  • cPCI-5565PIORC


  • VeriStand

I am setting up my Reflective Memory PXI card (for example the cPCI-5565PIORC).
What can I send/receive between my PXI systems using Reflective Memory?
How do I set up channels to be shared between my PXI systems? 

Using Reflective Memory you can send:
  • Any Single Point Hardware I/O such as Analog Inputs and Outputs or Digital I/O
  • NI-XNET channels such as CAN signals
  • Model parameters, inports, outports and Execution information
  • User Channels
  • Calculated Channels
  • System Channels
These can then be received at the other end of the Reflective Memory system. 

To setup a channel to be sent you need to:
1. Add your Reflective Memory card to your VeriStand System Definition File by navigating to Controller > Hardware > Chassis > Data Sharing and then right clicking the Data Sharing option and selecting Hardware Discovery Wizard.

2. Right click Reflective Memory option and select Add Data Channel or Add Multiple Data Channels
3. Configure the newly created channel to be either a read from a Memory Address that another PXI in the Reflective Memory system will write to, or configure the newly created channel to write a channel to a certain Memory Address so another PXI can read the channel. Data Type should also be set at this point.
4. Click the Mapping button on the toolbar: 
5. In the Mappings windows you can map/connect channels in your system to the Reflective Memory readers and writers. Below is an example where a model output called "EngineTemp" is being sent over the Reflective Memory Network by mapping the model outport to the Reflective Memory write channel called "ExampleWriter"