How can I Acquire the Reference of FPGA for the VSA with Reconfigurable Digitizer?

Updated Oct 25, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-5668
  • PXIe-5624


  • LabVIEW FPGA Module



Issue Details

I am currently working with NI 5668R which uses NI 5624R as configurable digitizer. I can use it very well with RFSA drivers. However, I want to access the FPGA of NI 5624 from host while using NI RFSA drivers. How is it possible?


The FPGA of NI 5624R (digitizer of NI VSA 5668R) is accessible using NI RFSA drivers. With the reference to the FPGA, user can access and read/write any control or indicator. Similarly, Peer to Peer and DMA FIFOs are also accessible.

Following steps are involved in order to access the reference to the FPGA:

  1. Use NI RFSA Property Node to read FPGA Target Name and FPGA Bit File Path.
  2. Convert the string bitfile path to type path.
  3. Use “Open Dynamic Bitfile Reference” function to acquire FPGA reference.
  4. The FPGA reference acquired can be used to access controls, indicators and FIFOs in the FPGA code/bitfile.

Following image shows the described implementation:


Additional Information

Please refrain from modifying any control or FIFO which is being used by NI RFSA drivers. This might result into malfunctioning of normal functionality of code.