Recommended MPManager Version for EMV Analog Test Suite

Updated Jan 14, 2021

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


- Contactless Test Station II 
- EMVCo 3.0 reference equipment

- EMVCo PICC or PCD Analog Test Suites

Issue Details

Several versions of MPManager user interface and test suites solutions are available on the download center.
It is difficult to know which version of MPManager to use with the test suite I want to execute.

Could you provide a table indicating which MPManager version to use with which test suite version ?



You can find below a compatibility chart regarding the EMV Analog test suite:


Additional Information

For customers who are preparing a debug session or a type approval session in an EMVCo accredited validation laboratory, we recommend to use the versions of MPManager, of the test suite and of the MP500 TCL3 firmware which have been used for the qualification of our test solutions.  

In this way you will use the same configuration that the one used in EMVCo accredited laboratory.