Why Is My NI High-Speed Digitizer (Scope) Device Returning a Higher Temperature Than the Specified Operating Temperature?

Updated Oct 15, 2019

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The temperature of my digitizer (scope) board is higher than what is specified in the specifications document for the operating temperature. Why is this temperature higher and should I be concerned that I am not achieving the specifications listed for the board or that I may potentially damage the board?


The specifications document lists an operating temperature for the digitizer, which relates to the ambient temperature of the environment that the board is being used in. The temperature of the device that is returned from querying the Device Temperature property or looking at the Calibration tab in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) is the actual temperature of the board from an on-board sensor. This temperature is not the same as the operating temperature, and may be higher than the ambient temperature that the board is in.

If the current temperature of the device that is returned is much higher than the ambient temperature, then the device may not be getting proper cooling. In this situation, the data being read by the board could be incorrect or out of spec, and a thermal shutdown may eventually occur to protect the board from damage. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the proper ambient temperature condition is met and the device is being properly cooled. Please review the Thermal Shutdown section of the NI High-Speed Digitizers Help for more information about the thermal shutdown condition and how to maintain proper cooling of the board.