Missing Log Files Error When Opening SignalExpress Project

Updated Jul 13, 2020

Reported In


  • SignalExpress

Issue Details

I received this error in Signal Express while opening a project. How can I solve it?

Missing log files
The project that you just opened contains logs which are linked to the following deleted files. You need to restore these files in order for this project to work correctly.


Unfortunately it sounds like your log files have been moved or deleted. SignalExpress is still looking for the log files as your project (.seproj) includes references to your log files. The project you have saved does not have any measurement data in it, so the files cannot be restored from SignalExpress. To find where the files should be, you can go Tools >> Options and select  Logging on the left; this will show you where log files are stored. It will also tell you where the log files should be when you open your project (in the message window you mentioned).


Additional Information

It might be worth searching your computer for the files (copy their names from the message you get when you open your project) in case they have been moved. If you find the files, move them back to the correct log directory. If you cannot find the files, it is likely they have been permanently deleted and cannot be restored - you must run your measurements again.