Software Reboot of MP500 or MP300

Updated Oct 23, 2019

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  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

I would like to reboot my MP500 or MP300 device using software commands instead of the physical power button. Is there a way to do this?


There are two options for rebooting an MP500 or MP300 device via software.

The first option is on the Connection screen of MPManager 3. In the bottom right corner, click on the REBOOT icon to do a soft reboot of the instrument. This will not be available if you are using MPManager 2.

Alternatively, this can be accomplished within a script. Simply drop down a Miscellaneous > Remote Command step and enter "RSTH 0" as the remote command. This will reboot the instrument. As remote commands are independent of MPManager version, this option is available in both MPManager 3 and MPManager 2.