Vicinity Card Emulation Script Unresponsive

Updated Oct 23, 2019

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

I have created a card emulation script that uses the ISO 15693 (Vicinity) protocol to communicate with a reader. I know the frames are correct but for some reason the reader is not responding. A tag sending the same frames communicates just fine when the MP500 is in reader emulation mode.

Why is this happening?


When creating a card emulation script in Vicinity you are required to explicitly specify the data rate before any frames are exchanged. After the Open Card Emulation Sequence step, navigate to Card Emulation Sequencer > Add (Configure) > Add Type Vicinity and drop down a Vicinity Data Rate step. 

You can leave the Vicinity Data Rate to the default value of 26.48 kb/s, unless you need to use a different data rate.