Use Returned Values of MPManager Scripts

Updated Oct 23, 2019

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  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

I am using MPManager to communicate with my device under test. I am sending various commands such as REQA and RATS. I see my device's responses in the execution log, but I would like to access these values programmatically in another application. For example, I would like to have access to the bytes in ATQA and ATS.

How can I access these responses in quick and easy manner?


There two options if you would like to access your device's responses programmatically.

Your first option is to utilize the MPComLog. You first need to activate it by following the directions in this article. The MPComLog maintains a running list of all of the commands sent back and forth to your device. You will find a comprehensive list of all your device's responses there.

Your second option is to use the MP500 API which utilizes the MP300Com or MPuLib libraries. Then you will have direct low-level access to all functions and communications provided by your instrument.