Unable to Locate Package in NI Package Manager

Updated Oct 23, 2019

Reported In


  • Package Manager

Issue Details

I tried installing software from National Instruments Package Manager and received the following error:

Unable to locate package <Software and version> with a compatible version and architecture.


NI Package manager sometimes encounters issues with locating the software. However, this software can still be installed from National Instruments website.
  1. Find the required software package on NI website.
  2. Select the required version and application bitness.
  3. Instead of clicking on the blue Download button, please click Individual Offline Installers, as seen in the image below:
  4. If this link opens a blank pop up table or redirects to a non-existent page, try downloading both logged in and logged out of your NI Account.
  5. This will start a .iso file download. Instructions on how to install .iso files can be found here.


Additional Information

Clicking the blue Download button would open NI Package Manager and would result in the same error as installing directly from NIPM.