Three Blinking Red LED's on PXI(e) Chassis

Updated Dec 9, 2022

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  • PXI Chassis

Issue Details

I have a PXI(e) chassis which has all three LED's on the front blinking red. The manual for my chassis indicates that this means an internal chassis fault has occurred. How can I fix this?


Try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve or narrow down the issue:

1. Try Updating PXI Chassis Firmware.
2. Remove any peripheral modules from your chassis one at a time and check if the issue still occurs. It is possible that damage either to the module itself or the connectors is causing the issue. Inspect the modules and PXI(e) slots for damaged pins. 
Note: An improperly seated module may also be the cause.
3. Try using a different controller with your chassis or vice versa. It is possible that damage either to the controller itself or the connector is causing the issue.
Note: An improperly seated controller may also be the cause.

If the issue is still occurring after going through the steps above, it is likely that either the chassis, controller, or one of the peripheral modules is faulty. Please contact NI Support for further troubleshooting information and the possibility of a repair and/or replacement.