NI Volume License Manager Overdraft Warning When There Are Licenses Free

Updated Oct 9, 2019

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I am using NI Volume License Manager to manage my software and when adding a new user, it asks me if I want to overdraft like the dialog below.  It says a total of 10 seats out of 20 are used.  Is something wrong? 


This often occurs when overdraft is enabled. Disabling overdraft will reflect the actual number of seats you have.  If you are needing more than this amount, contact for pricing and agreement changes. 

Additional Information

By default, if overdraft is enabled, the available seats for a license is reflected with the maximum overdraft amount included.  For instance, you may only have 10 seats on the license, but if overdraft is configured for 100%, the total number of seats will be shown as 20.