How to Generate a License File in Measurement Studio

Updated May 4, 2023



  • Measurement Studio
  • Measurement Studio 2019

Programming Language

  • C# .NET

Im using XCOPY deployment tool for my Measurement Studio 2019 WPF application. The problem is that it doesn't include the license files. 
How to generate in Measurement Studio 2019 the licenses.licx file?

To create a licx file based in your application, complete the following steps: 
  1. Open your application. 
  2. Go to Extensions>>Measurement Studio>>Refresh Project License File
Refresh Project License File updates the licenses.licx file in a Measurement Studio project to the currently referenced Measurement Studio assemblies. The Refresh Project process works by going through the licenses.licx file line by line for the active project and removing each Measurement Studio licensed type that matches the Measurement Studio PublicKeyToken. After all Measurement Studio licensed types are removed from the licenses.licx file, the current Measurement Studio licensed types that are referenced by the project are added to the licenses.licx file. This ensures all Measurement Studio licensed types used by the project are added to the licenses.licx file.

Additional Information

National Instruments recommends deploying Measurement Studio Windows Applications using Measurement Studio Installer Builder. You can use Measurement Studio Installer Builder to include runtime installers for Measurement Studio libraries.