Digital I/O Instrument Missing from the Measurements Live Tool

Updated Oct 4, 2019

Reported In




  • Measurements Live

Issue Details

After installing the ELVIS III toolkit, I do not see the Digital I/O instrument on the Measurements Live interface


To solve this, the software on the host computer that is using the Measurements Live interface and the software on the ELVIS III must match.

Proceed to install the latest version of the ELVIS III toolkit that is available for you and, after this, install the software on the ELVIS III.

Additional Information

The ELVIS I/O is split up into the Instrumentation I/O and the Control I/O. The instrumentation I/O goes to the Real-Time processor and the control IO goes to the FPGA. The control IO includes digital IO and analog IO. If the pre-dowloaded bitfile on the FPGA does not match the version of software of the Measurements Live, the host computer will not see the instruments associated to it.