Unable to Use Synchronization Objects on TestStand Remote Machine

Updated Dec 6, 2019

Reported In


  • TestStand

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I am setting up a TestStand test station which contains several Windows machines. The test systems requires the usage of Synchronization Objects. I have worked through the configuration guide for the local machine, the remote machine and the network firewall already. What else can I do?


Please ensure that the follwoing programs are also added to the firewalls exception list:
  • SeqEdit.exe (if you are working with the Sequence Editor)
  • TestExec.exe (if you are running a custom user interface for TestStand)
  • TSAutoMgr.exe

Additional Information

If the firewall settings are handled by your IT department please request the changes there.

If the Windows system prompts you to reboot the system after the change please do so. Otherwise, changes are applied after the next system reboot.