Drop Down List Does Not Appear in DIAdem 2019

Updated Nov 4, 2019

Reported In


  • DIAdem
  • DIAdem 2019

Issue Details

I am using DIAdem>>Report>>2D Axis System. When I double click on the 2D Axis System, the curve list pops up. In DIAdem 2018, when I click on a channel in the curve list, a pull-down button appears on the right and when I click on the pull-down button, a drop down list for channel selection appears. However, in DIAdem 2019, the pull-down button and the drop down list do not appear when I click on a channel in the curve list. I have usually used the drop down list and I want to use it in DIAdem 2019. Is this a bug or an expected behavior?


This is not a bug but an expected behavior. The maximum channel count DIAdem can deal with is expanded from 65535 in DIAdem 2018 to 150000 in DIAdem 2019. The old control in DIAdem 2018 that loaded all the channels every time and showed them in the drop down list was too slow when the channel count was expanded, so the new control in DIAdem 2019 does not have this feature. 

Instead, you have two options to add or replace channels easily. 
1. If you type the first few letters of the channel, you will get a drop-list of matching channels that you can pick from. 
2. You can drag and drop channels from the Data Portal to the new control of the channel list.