VeriStand UI Manager Requesting Operator License

Updated Nov 1, 2019

Reported In


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I am developing in VeriStand with a Full Development Licence, which should give me full access to NI VeriStand functionality.
When I open the VeriStand UI Manager, it states that I need an Operator Licence to proceed. How do I fix this?


The VeriStand Full Development Licence should come integrated with an Operator Licence. Confirm whether this is properly associated in your account by:
  1. Open NI License Manager
  2. Navigate to the Local Licenses tab if you have a local license or Network Licenses tab if you have a Volume License Manager.
  3. Verify whether your VeriStand Operator System is licensed as in the following image:

NOTE: If you are using a FlexLM Volume License server, your licences will not show as green in NI License Manager. Please contact your server administrator to verify the licenses being given to your account.

If this has not been properly associated with your account when using a Full Development activation:
  • Deactivate and re-activate your VeriStand license in NI License Manager.
  • If using a single seat license with a serial number, use the NI Product Activation portal to generate activation codes. A tutorial on how to use this can be found here.
  • If using a VLM, generate and use an offline disconnected license. A tutorial on how to use a disconnected license can be found here.
If the problem persists, contact NI Technical Support.