My MP500 in Reader Mode Miss Cards Anwers

Updated Mar 24, 2020

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  • Micropross Accessories



Issue Details

Using the MP500 in reader emulation Mode, I miss answers to my NFC commands but I'm able to captured them using an external oscilloscope.


  1. Verify that your device is calibrated
  2. Check if you're using a correct antenna. depending on the standard you want to follow, the antennas will be differents.
  3. Try at different position.
  4. Verify that your scenario is requesting a data rate compatible with your DUT.
  5. Try to adjust the tcl3 sensitivity. You have 2 remote command to change the RX sensitivity of TCL3 :
  • CLRG (SelectRxGain) : to increase or decrease the gain on RX channel

Ex : CLRG CPL 50 (divide by 2 the initial gain)

  • CLR2 (SelectRxGainExt) Type 1 or 2  to change the threshold of the detection of subcarrier (Rx PICC).

Ex : CLR2 CPL 2 50  decrease the threshold (80 -> 50) for the external RX

Additional Information

You will find the  MP500 TCL3 API reference in our Download Center for more details