The ResultsList Variable Is Not Populating During Execution

Updated Nov 28, 2019

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

I'm currently working in TestStand and I'm noticing that the ResultsList variable is not populating during execution. Even when this is happening the report has all the requested information. My sequence behaves as follows:

I have tried repairing and reinstalling TestStand but the behavior still persists.

In all of the examples and process models I get this behavior.

How can I get the ResultsList to populate during execution?


This behavior can be caused by one of TestStand's Model Options. You can find this configuration setting in Configure-->Model Options. This will make the following window appear:

When this option is enabled, TestStand will discard the ResultsList during execution but will still populate the generated report.

If you disable this option you will get the following behavior: