How Can I Select Which Python Version to Call from My LabVIEW Code?

Updated Aug 17, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I have various versions of Python installed in my computer. I want to call a particular version of Python from my LabVIEW code. How can I do this?


To be able to select a specific Python version to use, you can call the Open Python Session function. This function will open a Python session with a specific version of Python.

Additional Information

It is also important to note that the Python session is necessary for configuring multiple Python Nodes to run in a specific version of Python and in the same process. 

You can also find several examples in LabVIEW on how to use this and other functions built to communicate with Python. You can find this examples by clicking in Help >> Find Examples... >> Communicating with External Applications >> Using External Code >> Integrating Python Code.