The Maximum Baud Rate for NI 9860

Updated Apr 21, 2023

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  • CAN and LIN Cable
  • C Series CAN Interface Module
  • CAN Interface Device


  • NI-CAN

Issue Details

What is the maximum baud rate that NI 9860 can support? I could not find any information related to the baud rate in the NI 9860 specifications page


The maximum baud rate for NI 9860 will depend on the transceiver cable it is connected to:
  • TRC-8542 CAN HS/FD transceiver cable, the maximum certified baud rate is 5 Mbps
  • TRC-8543 CAN HS/FD or LS/FT transceiver cable, the maximum certified baud rate will be 5 Mbps and 125 Kbps for high speed and low speed CAN respectively
  • In the TRC-8546 LIN transceiver cable specifications, the maximum certified baud rate is 20 Kbps