What Is the Difference Between an External Spy and the Spy Function in MPManager?

Updated Oct 8, 2020

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  • Micropross Accessories


Hw : MP300, MP500

Sw: MPManager (all version)

Issue Details

There is a Spy function in MPManager : 

Is this function used to spy an external transaction ?


It depends of the device you are using.
If you are using a MP300 or a MP500, this function is only use to record and display (in the MPManager viewer) the exchange when the device is part of the transaction.
If you are using a MP007, this function is use to activate the external spy feature.

You can also use the associated command in the Script panel of MPManager :

Additional Information

There are two kinds of Spy : 

- The external spy. A device is an external spy when is able to spy an external transaction, that is to say a real transaction between a real reader and a real card (contact or contactless).
The external contact spy are the SC2 and MP007 devices and the external contactless spy are the ACL1 and the MP007 devices.

- The spy feature available for all devices. This features allows to record and display in the viewer (of MPManager) the command sent (by the device) and received by a card or a reader. This function is also available when we made in programming langage.