Can the MP500 TCL3 Be Used With Mac OS Environment?

Updated Oct 15, 2021

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HW : MP500 TCL3 - MP500 PT1NFC

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Can the MP500 TCL3 be used with Mac OS environment?


MP500 TCL3, as well as MP500 PT1NFC, can natively be used with MPManager user interface installed on a Windows OS computer.
MPManager user interface allows our customers to build and execute test scenarios, perform design and characterization tests, get access to a protocol viewer and is also the platform used to perform conformance tests with our test solutions.

Besides MPManager, it is also possible for the customer to develop their own application thanks to MP500 communication dll and APIs called MPulib.

MPuLib is a freely redistributable proprietary C library which provides all the APIs available in the MP500 TCL3 or PT1NFC. 
Those APIs are specific to MPuLib communication library and are not available from an embedded environment.

MPuLib library is available for different platforms:


For each OS, MPuLib library and USB driver are available upon request for the customer who owns MP500 device under active maintenance contract.

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