Steps to Transfer NI VeriStand Project From Development PC to Deployment PC

Updated Dec 16, 2019

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  • VeriStand
  • VeriStand Full
  • VeriStand Operator

Issue Details

I have developed an NI VeriStand Project in my PC. I want to move this project to a deployment PC where it should work in just Operator mode and should not have any development rights. How do I achieve the same?


You can move the complete project on the Development PC to the Deployment PC as is. NI VeriStand licensing will take care of giving the required rights to the user.

You need to install and activate NI VeriStand Operator System on the deployment PC to provide only Operator Privileges to the user.

Additional Information

Activate NI VeriStand Operator License to create, configure, and/or deploy a project file, and to deploy a preconfigured system definition file to a desktop PC or a real-time target.

This license also grants the ability to develop and run stimulus profiles and to run your simulation models, but it does not grant the ability to perform any development tasks using the System Explorer window.