Automating the Unattended Installation of NI Package Manager (NIPM)

Updated Apr 27, 2023



  • Package Manager

It is possible to 'quietly' install NI Package Manager (NIPM), allowing the installation to be completed without monitoring.

For more information on how to automate Package Manager installations for later versions (including Package Manager itself), see the latest NI Package Manager Manual.

  1. Navigate to the Package Manager download page.
  2. Click Individual Offline Installers to download an offline installer for a specific version of Package Manager.
  3. Mount the downloaded .iso file.
  4. Run Command Prompt as an administrator and navigate to the root directory of the mounted .iso to find Install.exe.
  5. With NIPM 20.7 or later, enter the following command to run the installer fully silently: start /wait Install.exe --quiet --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot.
    • If you're using a version prior to NIPM 20.7, refer to the Additional Information section.
  6. Once the above command returns, enter the following command to verify the installation was successful: echo %errorlevel%.
    • If the command returns 0, it indicates that the package was successfully installed.
    • If the command returns -125071, it indicates the package was successfully installed, and the system requires a reboot.


If the steps above fail, the installer format you are using may no longer be supported. Go to the Package Manager download page to find the updated format of the installer. Download the installer again and retry the steps above.

Additional Information

Older versions of NI Package Manager support different flags for unattended installations:
  • Prior to NIPM 20.7, the '--quiet' flag is not recognized. In these versions, use the '--passive' or '--progress-only' flags instead of '--quiet' to provide non-interactive installations.
  • Prior to NIPM 19.0, use the '\q' flag to start the non-interactive installation instead of '--quiet --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot'.