Using Relay Control Function on the PXI-2510 Pass-Through Channels

Updated Oct 2, 2019

Reported In


  • Fault Insertion Module
  • PXI-2510



Issue Details

I am using relay control functions from NI-Switch driver to control my PXI-2510. I have noticed that when I use the niSwitch Relay on any of the pass-through channels, it performs the opposite action. The close relay action opens the channel from the DUT, while the open relay action closes the channel to the DUT.  


The pass-through channels (chN to dutN) on the PXI-2510 are connected (closed) in its power-on or reset state. The niSwitch and niSwitch Disconnect All function will connect the pass-through channels. 

If you are using the niSwitch Relay to operate these relays, please note that using the close relay action on relays (k0 through k67) will actually disconnect the pass-through channels and vice versa.

Additional Information

The pass-through channels are connected in the PXI-2510's power-on or reset state, these channels may need to be disconnected during a scanning operation. In order to disconnect the channels during a scan, set the Scan Mode property to None.