What is NI Package Manager (NIPM)?

Updated Oct 16, 2019

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What is NI Package Manager, and why has it automatically installed with my NI Software?


Starting from NI Software versions 17.5, NI Package Manager (NIPM) is a lightweight desktop client that you can use for installing, updating, repairing and removing NI Software. It replaces functionality from both Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel and the National Instruments Installer / Uninstaller found in Windows 10 Apps & Features. The ability to repair NI Software is only available in NI Package Manager 19.5 or later.

NI Package Manager works with packages and feeds. Packages are compressed files that contain payload files for installation on a target system, comparable to .MSI files. Typically they contain software, metadata and dependencies to other software. Feeds are lists of packages which are used for distribution. Feeds typically are provided via a network resource, but can be created locally including all package files. See Introduction to NI Package Manager (NIPM) Packages and Introduction to NI Package Manager (NIPM) Feeds for further information.

NI Package Manager is a required tool for installation. It is not possible to install a packaged software on a machine without the use of NI Package Manager.

Additional Information

You can automate NI Package Manager using the Command Line Interface (CLI) for NI Package Manager as per How Can I Control NI Package Manager Through the Command Line?