NI-VISA Driver Wizard Unexpected bDescriptorType Error

Updated Sep 30, 2019

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Issue Details

I've got a Cypress microcontroller with a USB communication code, I want to communicate with the controller using LabVIEW but after using the NI-VISA Driver Wizard I get the following error:
Error - 1073807174: Device descriptor error - unexpected bDescriptorType (expected USB_STRING_DESCRIPTOR)

What can I do to fix this?


To fix this error you will have to change the iSerialNumber value of your device.
This values points to an index in the string descriptor table defined for your USB instrument.
To change this value you will need a PSoC Creator or an outdated PSoC editor.

Under the String Descriptor tab, there is a Serial Number String element in the Special Strings folder, Select the User Entred Text option and enter the text 0x0 in the Value.


Additional Information

You can find the relevant Datasheet of the Full Speed USB (USBFS) in this link:
External:Full Speed USB (USBFS)