Physical Dimensions of USB 6351 Multifunction I/O Device

Updated Mar 16, 2020

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  • Multifunction I/O Device
  • USB-6351

Issue Details

  • I'm designing an enclosure for a USB 6351 Multifunction I/O device that I'll be purchasing from NI. I would like to know the exact dimensions of the card in order to design the housing.
  • I would like to replace an existing NI Multifunction I/O device with another one with better hardware specifications. Will the new card fit into my custom enclosure ? 


  • Physical Characteristics section of the product specification sheet will have the information on the dimensions as shown below. You can download the product specification sheet for any product from our website
  • Alternatively, you can download the 2D dimensional drawing/3D CAD model of the product from this page. This should aid in the design of custom DAQ enclosures.

Additional Information

Contact NI Support in case you are not able to find the product in the Dimensional Drawings page linked above.