ERROR: Insufficient PCI Resources Detected

Updated Sep 24, 2019

Reported In


  • RMC-8356

Issue Details

When I boot my computer that has a PXI/PXIe chassis connected with a MXI cable I get the following message in the BIOS:

Error: Insufficient PCI resources detected

I can exit out of the error and boot normally, but a user has to physically do this so I can't remotely restart the system.


1. Check to make sure your devices are showing up correctly in NI MAX. If they are not, follow theĀ MXI Device Is Missing or Incorrect in NI-MAX guide.
2. Take all of the PXI/PXIe cards out of the chassis and see if the error occurs.
3. Reintroduce each card one by one and see if the error occurs. The goal is to see if a specific card is causing the error.
4. If you still receive the error contact National Instruments support.