Incorrect Thermocouple Measurement With my NI 9210 C-series Module

Updated Feb 12, 2020

Reported In


  • NI-9210

Issue Details

I use the NI-9210 module but when I measure the temperature, I have an offset error of about 8°C.
Why do I have this offset?


You should check if the COM input of the module is wired. If you didn't, it could be the cause of the offset. This offset would occur due to the fact that the COM input is floating and will be the reference for making the measurement. 

You should also check the accuracy specifications of your thermocouple and the module. In the case of the NI-9210, the accuracy should provide much better than an 8°C offset, but if you are working with another module the accuracy could be worse for taking thermocouple measurements. 

Additional Information

You can have more information about how to measure temperature with the 9210 by following this link: NI 9210 Getting Started Guide