Source Code Control Provider Does Not Appear In LabVIEW Options

Updated Nov 22, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I installed my source code control provider and attempted to select it in the LabVIEW Source Control Options page (Tools » Source Control » Configure Source Control...). However, my provider is not listed in the Source Control Provider Name field. What's going on?


Source code control support is only included in the LabVIEW Professional Development System. If you are using the LabVIEW Professional Development System on a Windows machine:

LabVIEW integrates with various source control providers via the Microsoft Source Control Interface. If a source control provider supports this interface, then it should show up in the Source Control Options page. You can check the following registry key to see if your provider is listed.

If it is not present, then support for SCC integration must be installed and enabled. Some providers include this support as part of their core software package, while others require you to explicitly download and install support for this interface. (Providers usually call this "SCC integration" or "Visual Studio" support.) Once the additional software is installed, some providers may require you to explicitly enable this support from within the provider's administration tool. Consult the documentation included with your source code control software for information on how to enable this support.

Additional Information

The only source code control provider supported by LabVIEW on non-Windows systems is Perforce. In order for LabVIEW to recognize that Perforce is installed, you must include p4, the Perforce command-line client, in the environment path. Additionally, any comparison tools must also be included in the environment path for them to interface correctly with LabVIEW. The attached VI can be used to check your search path and Perforce environment variables on non-Windows systems.