Why Is My PXIe Chassis Producing High-Pitched Sound?

Updated Jul 8, 2020

Reported In


  • PXIe-1092
  • PXIe-1095
  • PXI Chassis

Issue Details

My PXIe chassis produces a high-pitched noise when the chassis is plugged in but powered off. Why is this occurring? Is there a problem with my chassis?


This is a known behavior for the power supply present in the PXIe-1092, PXIe-1095, and PXIe-1084 chassis. It can be heard from the power supply air exhaust vent as shown at reference no. 4 in the image below of a PXIe-1092. This sound is not indicative of any wear or damage to the chassis and will not interfere with the functionality of the PXIe system or its modules.

Additional Information

The audible tone originates from an internal magnetic component in the power supply that vibrates at frequencies in the audible frequency range when the power supply is pulse skipping to maintain high efficiency at minimum load when the chassis has AC power applied but the chassis is not turned on.