Error -2147136511 Occurred at Open DeviceNet Interface.Vi

Updated Jun 12, 2020

Reported In


  • PCI-8532


  • LabVIEW


  • NI-Industrial Communications for DeviceNet

Issue Details

I am using NI Industrial Communications for DeviceNet, and the VI Open DeviceNet is throwing the error -2147136511: “Error -2147136511 Occurred at Open Devicenet Interface.Vi” “Possible reason(s): Internal fault occurs in NI-DeviceNet Driver, please contact NI and provide the information from the niDnetErr.log."

The LEDs on the cards never lights up. It doesn’t seem like the card initializes at all. There is no indication that it powers up when we call “Open DeviceNet”.


This issue is related to communication problems between the PCI board and the motherboard. The off LEDs means that no application is using the DeviceNet hardware interface.

To solve this you can:
  1. Verify the motherboard accomplish the power requirements of the PCI card.
  2. According to the motherboard, some models have PCI to PCI bridges in some slots and others are connected directly to the motherboard. This can cause timing issues depending on hardware standards or BIOS configuration. To solve this we can:
  • Confirm the Motherboard supports PCI
  • Testing the PCI board on different slots. 
  • Sometimes additional third-party boards can cause drivers conflicts if the previous step doesn’t resolve the issue, test again in different slots without any other board in the other PCI slots.
  • Upgrade the BIOS