NI Package Manager Installation Stops at "Initializing Transaction"

Updated Apr 2, 2020

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • Package Manager

Issue Details

I'm trying to install LabVIEW on my computer using the online installer from the download page. When I run the installer, the installation process starts, but the installation window suddenly hangs and drops when it gets to "Initializing transaction" section. No error information is displayed.

I've already tried the following steps and end up with the same problem:
  • Using the Offline Installer for LabVIEW with/without an active internet connection
  • Using the Offline Installer for NI Package Manager with/without an active internet connection
  • Right-clicking either of the above installers and selecting "Run as administrator"
What can I do to fix this issue? How can I install LabVIEW?


This error happens if your user account does not have administrative rights. Enable the administrative rights for your user account, or log in with the administrative account and proceed with the installation.

Additional Information

Please reference the below articles for how to access your administrator account or add administrative rights to a user account on a Windows OS. If you continue to see issues after enabling the administrative rights and are attempting on online installation, please follow the troubleshooting steps in the articles below, as sometimes the issue can be attributed to network settings: