Can Each DI Module in Direct Injector Driver System have different Current Profiles?

Updated Oct 24, 2019

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  • cRIO-9022
  • cRIO-9114
  • NI-9411
  • NI-9751

Issue Details

I have previously worked with DIDS-2003, which contained single DI driver module. I am planning to upgrade to DIDS-2006 with multiple DI modules. Can I set different current profiles for each module in order to use them in different applications, e.g., solenoid injector, piezo injector, etc.?


The DI Driver System uses NI Software Calibration Management Toolkit (SCM). In SCM, each DI driver module is configured through a separate DI Driver Setup Window, as shown below:

This window contains all the configurations related to the setup of the DI driver. Thus, a separate current profile and operating modes can be selected for each DI driver module enabling utilization of DIDS for different applications.

Additional Information

DIDS-2003 contains only single DI driver and thus have only one configuration window for setup.