Do I Have to Use an External Power Supply for the cRIO-PN-S?

Updated Sep 10, 2019

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  • cRIO-PN-S

Issue Details

I use the Profinet C-Series module cRIO-PN-S and I see that there is a voltage input for the power supply.
But normally, the cRIO chassis should give enough power to use this module. 
Should I plug an external power supply to use it?


The cRIO-PN-S is a C Series module made by Kunbus. As it needs a 1.7 W power supply, you need to use the power input.
Also, you must plug the module into the first slot of the cRIO chassis and leave the second empty, in order to dissipate the heat.

Additional Information

You can find additionnal informations about this module by following this link: cRIO-PN-S Datasheet