How Can I Configure TestStand to Work with Python from Anaconda?

Updated May 17, 2021



  • TestStand

I would like to use Python from a package manager like Anaconda. How can I do this?

Since Anaconda stores the Python environment in a different location than an original distribution, the PATH environment variable will need to be configured. You will need to add the path to Python and scripts folder from the installation you want to use. If you installed Anacoda with Python 3.7 for your user, then you will need to add the following two paths to the PATH environment variable:


Also, you will need to add two new user variables:

PYTHONHOME => C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3

PYTHONPATH => C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\Lib

You will need to close out of TestStand and the TestStand Version Selector for the Python version to appear in the Python Adapter configuration window.

You can follow the KnowledgeBase article Editing the PATH Environment Variable for TestStand’s Python Adapter to do this.