Registering NI Product Serial Number in More Than One MyNI Profile

Updated Sep 6, 2019

Issue Details

I want to register my single seat license in more than one MyNI profile, so other cowokers that uses the same license would be able to access online training.

Is that possible? Am I limited to register the SN in just one MyNI account?


As the license is single seat typed, only one account would be able to register the SN. The other NI profiles will receive a registration failed error message.

Additional Information

A development single seat license can be of two types:
  • Named-User License:  License for an individual user to run the software.  Also known as user-based license. With NI’s Named-User License, the software can be installed on up to 3 computers and can be running on only 1 computer at a time. This license option allows for an additional installation at home.
  • Computer-Based License:  One license per installation, also known as host-based, seat-based, or node-locked.  This license option allows for one additional installation at home.
Refer to Understanding NI Software Policies to learn about other types of NI licenses.